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Digital Graphics located near Liège in Belgium is operating from a renovated and historical classified building in Alleur and is specialized in Post-Production for Motion Pictures and Television Broadcasting (short films, feature films, Tv-Series, animation movies, documentary films,…). Presently over the last 22 years, 80 movies have been produced  by Digital Graphics including 36 feature films.

The Digital Graphics offers includes :

  • The ANIMATION MOVIES” including Concept-Art and Graphic Design Production, Layout & Storyboarding, Ink & Paint with in-house software development, 3d, Special effects and Compositing.
  • The LIVE ACTION MOVIES” with 3d CGI and Visual effects produced with high level skills and high quality definition.

Digital Graphics has therefore a solid International Background in the Post-Production able to produce at the highest quality requirements of the industry, concentrating and developing its own software internally and adapting its own technology to the demands of the production.

Recognized for its R&D contributions and innovation capacity, Digital Graphics has as main asset its creativity and is therefore able to adapt to all requirements from the industry.

Since its creation, dating from 1994, the company has been successfully contributing to the nomination of 4 Oscars in Hollywood, 3 European awards, more than one Cesars in Paris and awards at the festivals of Cannes, Annecy and other recognized festivals in Europe.

Digital Graphics has consistently invested in its own working process tools with a vision of appropriate research and development. Digital Graphics has developed in-house most of its software tools, whether for image processing (GPU enhanced) or project management (Web enhanced).

The Main Shareholders of the company are CB Partners (Carlos Bedran), Christian Delvigne, Artemis Production  (Patrick Quinet) and Jerôme de Metz.

Christian Delvigne is the Managing Director and CEO of the company,

Marc Umé is the Chief Operating Officer,

Olivier van Hoorebeke is the Studio Director and Head of Productions.

We work on all our post-production projects with an entire team composed by internal and external supervisors, artists and talented computer graphics operators (concept artist, graphic designer, storyboarder, 2d coloring and texturing operators, 3d modeler, 3d lighter, 2d/3d animators, 2d/3d operators for visual effects, 2d/3d compositors,…

news Digital Graphics incorporated in a large international group

CB Partners (Carlos Bedran), Artemis Productions (Patrick Quinet), Christian Delvigne and Jérôme de Metz have acquired Digital Graphics to face the challenges of the future and to position the new entity as a main actor in the sector of image …

news 3 films are nominated for the César 2016!

Three films which Digital Graphics worked on in 2015 are nominated for the César 2016: April and rigged the World, I am dead, but I have friends and The Brand New Testament!

news “The Brand New Testament” released September 2, 2015 : Visual Effects – Digital Graphics

“The Brand New Testament” by Jaco Van Dormael, released September 2, 2015
Digital Graphics has provided most of the visual effects on the film.

news April and the Extraordinary World’ Wins Annecy’s Crystal Award

“April and the Extraordinary World,” won the Cristal for best feature, the highest award of the 39th Animation Film Festival of Annecy, it was the world premiere.

news “April and the rigged world” is completed !

After several months of intense production, Digital Graphics has completed compositing plans that have been assigned!

news And the 4th !

Song Of the Sea is nominated for the Oscars 2015. This is the fourth contribution to a nominated film for Digital Graphics.

news Launching of Song of the Sea

After the launching in the Toronto International Film Festival, Song of the Sea / La Chanson de la mer has seduced the audience from theaters all around Europe and USA.

news Triple Trouble in theater

An animated movie wich Digital Graphics made the colorization of the caracters for

news Digital Graphics at the FIFF, through Mozahic

Since this year, Digital graphics is associated to the FIFF through Mozahic

news 300 visitors for our 20th anniversary!

The farm has opened his door at the occasion of the 20th Anniversary.