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Launching of Song of the Sea

After the launching in the Toronto International Film Festival, Song of the Sea has seduced the audience from theaters all around Europe and USA. The film came out the 10th of december in more than 250 theaters in France and in Belgium. Today, amongst the coming awards, let’s talk about two of them : the film has been nominated for 7 Annie Awards for Song of the Sea and it is amongst the 20 Animated Films Submitted for Academy Consideration.

Digital Graphics has made for this movie colorization, texturing (with the aquarelle effect), vFX and compositing. The all team of Digital Graphics was up around Marc and Serge: Olivier, Damien, François, Nathalie(s), Stéphanie(s), Morgan, Benoit, Nicolas, Pierre, Céline, Bouzoum, Guillaume(st), Vincent, Benjamin, Delphine, Audrey, etc.

On thoses images, it features the stunning sound of Lisa Hannigan, Kila, Bruno Coulais and Nolwenn Leroy.

Song of the sea was produced by Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Mélusine Productions (Luxembourg), The Big Farm (Belgium), Nørlum (Danemark), Superprod (France).