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And the 4th !

Honestly, we did expect it… That’s true ! The film is beautiful and the work which has been done under the eye of the director Tomm Moore is just fantastic !

However, this kind of news is pretty cool to hear. The studio has worked on this project intensely during 9 month without counting the time for the preparation which is more around few years. Digital Graphic made on the film colorization, texturing, vFX and compositing.

Moreover, the studio believed so much in the project that its founders have decided to engage as co producers through the production company The Big Farm.

So, let’s say it… we are happy ! And very proud of the all team who devoted itself on the film during entire months..

The studio is already involved in 3 other nominated movies: Brendan And The Secret Of Kells in 2010, Ernest & Célestine in 2012 and Death of a shadow in 2013. So, sometime, we do dream about a statuette…