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<“April and the rigged world” is completed !

After few months of intense production, Digital Graphics has completed the compositing of the plans that have been assigned to us!

Just under 800 plans have therefore been through the expert hands of our operators between July (start) and April 2015 (closing). Sometimes adjusting the color, sometimes working the lighting, sometimes creating smokes, they have been immersed in the particular universe of Jacques Tardi under the direction of Christian Desmares.

The film was produced by Je Suis Bien Content (Paris) and, in Belgium, by Need Production.

Here is the team who has worked on :

Directeur Général, Producteur VFX: Marc Umé

Conseil artistique: Serge Umé

Chargée de production: Virginie Breuls

Superviseur compositing: Damien Welsch

Opérateurs Compositing: Céline Legrand, Benoit Pirenne, Morgan Fontana, Benjamin Zurstrassen, Frédéric Plumey, Nathalie Loppe, Stéphanie Haulet, François Crèvecoeur

Opérateurs compositing juniors: Maxime Ferauge, Valentin Gennard

Superviseur VFX: Olivier van Hoorebeke

Opérateurs VFX: Eric Dupont, Clément Liegois, Lionel Delsart

Gestion informatique: Nicolas Bolland

Administration:  Nathalie Umé