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Top Digital Graphics at the FIFF, through Mozahic

This friday 10th of october, The 29th edition of the FIFF ended by the Gold Bayards Ceremony. Since this year, Digital graphics is associated to the event through Mozahic, a brand new society which put together the competencies of 4 talented entreprises specialized in the cinema field : Digital Graphics, Dame Blanche, Panavision and Panalux.

New partner of the FIFF, Mozahic has offered a price of 10.000 € in post-production for the winner of the Special Price of the Jury. This price went to « Examen d’Etat» of Dieudo Hamadi.

More information about Mozahic.

Top 300 visitors for our 20th anniversary!

About 300 visitors has come in our studio this last saturday 27th of September. The farm has opened his door at the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Digital Graphics. The all team was available to welcome people from 2:00 till 6:00 PM. Groups of 15 visitors were guided in the studio with the possibility to meet the operators and ask question, during 30 minutes.

We were also lucky to count on the press to talk about the anniversary. Radio, television, newspaper.. In others words, the event was as good as the filmography!

Top The 20th Digital Graphics Anniversary

Digital Graphics was borned in 1994th to growth up year after year, with an awesome team round the Umé Brother. 20 years later, the Animation & vFX studio became one the most important actor of post-production in Wallonia and beyond the Belgian frontiers.

« Brendan and the Secret of Kells », « Ernest et Célestine », « Loulou et l’Incroyable Secret », « Miles », « Song Of The Sea », « Le Jour des Corneilles », all those fantastic animated productions have seen light with the hand of this studio in Liège.

About the vFX, Digital Graphics has worked with famous directors such as Jaco Van Dormael or Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Amonst the movie, we’ll find again « Marina », « The incident », « Les émotifs anonymes », « Tango Libre », etc.

At the occasion of this anniversary, Digital Graphics will open his door the Saturday 27 th of September, from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM, to welcom visitors and share with them his experiences and his passion.

The entrance is free, but you need to subscribe by mail at

Top Launching of GodsFinger

During this summer, Digital Graphics has invested on the creation of GodsFinger. This soft was made for the last film of the belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, Le Tout Nouveau Testament, produced by Climax Films and Terra Incognita. Digital Graphics was asked by the production to create an interactive interface of God’s computer Dieu, with an old aspect. A technical and artistic challenge that the studio has succed during only one month thanks to his competences in “tailer made” soft’s development.

GodsFinger allow to create an graphic interface directed and encoded by an other computer linked via wifi. But the control can also be taken on local. In others words, the actor can write whatever he wants but the text on the screen will be the one written in the script. He can control the incoming of pictures, videos, texts, etc., in the order that he wants.

It is also possible to change few elements in function of the picture’s need: lighting, constrat, resolution, color, etc.

You don’t need anymore to incrust the image of the screen in post-poduction. You can change easily your sequence in text, video, image, etc. And the actor interact really with de computer, which is much more easier to adjust his acting.

Top Oscars 2014 – Ernest et Célestine Nomination !

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