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Digital Graphics in a few words

Digital Graphics is a Belgian company which is established in the Region of Liège and is specialized in the creation of 2D/3D animated movies and also produces special digital effects for movies and television.

Created in 1994, Digital Graphics is internationally renowned and has been rewarded with several prices with 4 nominations at the Oscars in Hollywood, 3 Césars for best animated films in France and several nominations at the Festival de Cannes.

Digital Graphics as an actor of quality

The technical and artistic expertise of DG is worldwide recognized and a very large number of producers have relied on DG for the realization of their projects.

A multiple structure such as Digital Graphics has always responded efficiently to all challenges and responded with quality respecting production constraints at competitive pricing.

Research and Development as a major asset

Since its creation, Digital Graphics has constantly upgraded its technical expertise and internally developped its own specific software, upgrading its graphic performances and Management of projects improving the speed capabality and delivery of the projects.

Presently, Digital Graphics is integrated into an International group backed by CB Partners, Artemis Production and private Investors.

Know-how and Human Resources

Depending on the specific projects, about 30 people regularly join the base team to insure timing and quality requirements.

All personnel are qualified to work on the upgraded software and able to cope with the challenges of 2D/3D animations, compositing, colorization and visual effects.

The strength of its team is its competence, its creativity in a changing professional environment.

The Organization

Digital Graphics has developped in recent years an organization efficient and reliable in its production capacities optimalizing quality and controlling costs constraints.

In a sector with substantial labor costs, Digital Graphics has maintained and still develops software programs maximizing the capacity of its hardware and allowing creativity of its personnal to flourish.

Geographical location

Digital Graphics has its offices in the Chateau-Ferme de Hombroux in Alleur, dating back to 1730, at the north east of Liège.

The present buildings have been classified as “Historical buildings” by the Royal Belgian Commission of Monuments ans sites. The building is currently occupied by private residential apartments and office spaces, optimizing the environment for producing quality achievements.

The offices are located at the cross of the motorways of Loncin and are close to the airport of Bierset (Ex: 2 daily flights to China, Munschen) and the TGV railway station of Liège (2 hours of Paris).

Digital Graphics has its own offices equipped as working space for 35 people with meeting rooms and 2 apartments for lodging its business associates.