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  • 1994 Creation of the Limited Liability Company, Digital Graphics.
  • 1994-1999 A period dedicated to Architecture and Audio-Visual Arts. Drawing of plans and 3D project visualization like Mega Museumm in Lièges, 3D visualization of Plateau de Kirchbergin Luxembourg , in association with several architects’ offices.Synthetic animations for exhibitions, museums, ads, ……
  • 1999 First short movie for the cinema Magic Nightmare from the film director Jacques Donjean from Liège. This movie received several awards for best special effects, among others by the Golden Eyes at the Audiovisual Creative Fair (ACF) in Brussels.
  • 2001 a move to the Château – ferme de Hombroux (Alleur) – and the first animated movie Square Couine. Still in 2001 for the Promimage (program intended for high technologies in images and sound), 15 films out of 46 were selected in order to obtain financial help from the Walloon Region. Among these 15 projects, 3 short movies were from Digital Graphics: Square Couine, The Butterfly Woman, and The Mask of the Red Death. This opportunity enabled the company to develop its own high technology tools and software programs in the field of graphic design. Since then, they keep on improving and adapting them to new challenges they come up against.
  • 2004 First movie Friday or Another Day from Yvan Lemoine, with Ornella Muti and Philippe Nahon. Winner of the independent review at the festival of Locarno. Digital Graphics is now recognized and recommended for its high quality work in several international projects. Digital Graphics is now able to undertake financial partnerships to help develop its expansion and to bring new projects about.
  • June 2006 Change from Limited Company to Public Company, Digital Graphics S.A. New invest partners: Wallimage Entreprises and MeusInvest.
  • October 2006 A move to larger offices to respond to their new requirements, in another part of the Château de Hombroux.
  • November 30th 2006 Official Opening with Jean-Claude Marcourt (Minister in charge of the economy, employement and foreign exchange market).
  • 2006-2008Involvment in the long animated movie, and a major European project, “Brendan and The Secret of Kells” launched by Irish Cartoon Saloon and under the direction of Irishman Tomm Moore. This film is co-produced in France by Les Armateurs (“Les Triplettes de Belleville” from Sylvain Chomet) and in Belgium by Vivi Films.The Graphical Computer tools along with colouring of the drawings (around 150000), special atmosphere effects and part of the compositing were assigned to Digital Graphics. Participation during different steps of the creation of various movies for famous film directors :
    • Où est passée la main de l’homme sans tête by Guillaume and Stéphane Malandrin with Cécile de France, Ulrich Tukur, and Bouli Lanners
    • Insomnie by Pascal Kané
    • La chanteuse de Tango by Diego Martinez-Vignatti
    • Home by Ursulla Meier with Isabelle Hupper and Olivier Gourmet
    • 14-18, le bruit et la fureur by Jean-François Delassus, documentary based on war archives, colour and sound by Digital Graphics.
    • 2009 additional offices (1000 m2) in order to develop certain new animation and fiction projects.
  • Lot of important movie like : Oscar and the Pink Lady director Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt with Michelle Laroque and Amir Mr Nobody director Jako Van Dormael with Jared Letho, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger and Linh-Dan Pham
  • 2010 Digital Graphics become again a family company
  • 2011 Lot of new project for this year, Little Big Panda, Ernest and Celestine, The Day Of Crows, Hot Hot Hot, Fils, La Permission de Minuit , …
  • 2012 The new Tomm Moore Song of The Sea starting production, but also Quiz me Quick, Loulou secret, Les Conquérants, Marina, Death Of a Shadow
  • 2013 César of the Best Animated movie for Ernest et Célestine;  Oscars Nomination for  Death Of a Shadow
  • 2014 Compositing of Un monde truqué and vFX for Le Tout Nouveau Testament of Jaco van Dormael. Oscars Nomination for Ernest et Célestine. César of the Best Animated movie for Loulou, l’incroyable secret. News collaborations with Dame Blanche, Panavision and Panalux.
  • 2015 VFX for de Je suis mort mais j’ai des amisof the Malandrin Brothers and for Keeper of Guillaume Senez. Avril and the Extraordinary World wins Annecy’s Crystal Award.
  • 2016 Storyboarding of the second season of Sammy produced by Nexus and Method Animation, 3D introduction sequences for Scientific Park PASS , and visual effects on Marie Curie film produced by Climax Films